Re-Friending Life

Welcome at HeartPresence

Re-friending your self, re-friending your life.
Retreats, online meetings, nature attunement gatherings.
A global community of friends.

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HeartPresence offerings

Trainings & Retreats

are ideal for learning many skills, especially Heartskills. Each training offers opportunities to re-friend yourself, and develop deeper, warmer connections with the people around you. Most participants come out of the retreats with new ground under their feet, new inspiration in their hearts and a new connection with nature.

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Online programs

The Online Programs are weekly refreshment in the HeartPresence space. They offer community, guided meditation, sharing, and an invitation into making journeys of understanding and love. These journeys take you step by step along the path of awakening to the reality of who you are, and the vibrant life that turns on to your HeartPresence.

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Life Path Counseling

When choosing a path, often it is good to have a map, a set of guidelines that will help you make the right choices.

Life Path readings with Akhail give you such guidance. It all starts with understanding yourself: your special gifts, your strengths, challenges, preferences, longings, purpose.

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Parallel Path

Parallel Path programs recognize that we are in times of enormous change now, and out of these changes new, parallel paths are being born. We explore new forms of economy, community, medicine, life path understandingsā€”all of which are unfolding now, all of which invite our participation. Here the word Co-creation becomes a viable, passionate reality as we take our place in giving birth to the new forms arising.

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Who We Are

We are a team of professionals passionately dedicated to opening the Way of HeartPresence as a core living reality for all who want it. We share skills, we share understandings. We share a HeartPresence which resonates your field of HeartPresence, so that deep, old rememberings arise. We are also more than a team, we are a community of people from all over the world who share a common heart of walking a new way on earth, a new way of honoring the living spirit that is in each of us.

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Inspirational videos from Akhail and Malik about Presence.

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Participant about a HeartPresence training:

I am settling in the new energy and a space of light inside. It was such a beautiful journey.