Life Path Counseling


When choosing a path, often it is good to have a map, a set of guidelines that will help you make the right choices.

Life Path readings with Akhail give you such guidance. It all starts with understanding yourself: your special gifts, your strengths, challenges, preferences, longings, purpose.

This understanding shines a light for your way forward. It is empowering, and simplifying at the same time. Something like discovering the instruction manual for how you are built.

Life Path Readings

About Akhail (Nishant) Matthews

Individual sessions with Akhail

Akhail is a psychic/intuitive therapist with over 45 years of experience and more than 18000 individual sessions given worldwide. With Akhail you can expect clear, simple, heartful guidance to living according to your natural pattern. You will learn things like:

1) what is the best use of my talent?

2) What is the most natural expression of my heart, relationship, profession, being myself, living a life of service?

3) What kind of thinking is most natural to me: intuitive, logical, practical, healing, complex issues or simple focus?

4) What is my style of relating right now? What kind of
relationships fit me best?

5) What professions are best for me? Am I in the right work now?

6) How do I interact with other people? Am I flexible, or stubborn, or in between both?

And much much more.

Practical information

About Malik John van der Rest

Sessions: €80 for 45 minutes, €100 for 1 hour.

Location: Berg en Dal, NL. Nijmegen sometimes possible.

Contact Akhail:

Phone: 06 824 90898.