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Retreat Terschelling

Island Retreat
Terschelling Netherlands

Date: to come

Timeless Ocean, Winds of Change, Warm Personal Spaces

This retreat with Akhail (Nishant) and Malik John is an invitation to go deeper than the waves, wider than the winds, into places of Remembering, Reflecting, and Recognizing the true light of your Being.

Here you can re-friend your Timeless Soul, make open hearted inquiries into your personal winds of change. Here you will learn how to connect with the resources which hold clarity and guidance for the way ahead.

Along the way you will be gently taken into the light-heartedness of Presence, a bath in the world beyond seriousness. This can put lightness into the way you walk, a dancing spirit back in your heart, and give you the spaciousness of your big Mind. Together, these three will be known as Friends, your guidance system for releasing past conditioning and re-connecting with the true calling of these new times.

We will stay in a renovated school – Folkshegeskoalle – built in the dunes and completely surrounded by forest. Here your inner journeys will be supported by the pine forests, the dance of being on an island in a vast ocean, and the warm invitations of endless beaches and high sand dunes.

The program each day will include re-friending yourself meditations and guidance into the communing that happens between your Presence and the spacious elemental world around you. There will be open times for walks by the sea and reflections with the inner whispers.

Timeless Ocean, Winds of Change, Warm Personal Spaces

Practical information


We start Monday 27th September at 16.00 h at the Folkshegeskoalle and we finish Friday 1st October at 12.00 h.


Location: Folkshegeskoalle Schylgeralân
Badweg Hoorn 11
8896 KC Hoorn, Terschelling
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Course fees for shared bedroom € 845,- or € 945,- for a single room*, including 21% VAT, full board accommodation (organic vegetarian kitchen) and bike rental.
Excluding transportation to and from the Folkshegeskoalle on Terschelling.

For more information, please feel free to contact Malik John van der Rest (+31 6 14112480).

How to get there

To get to the island of Terschelling, there are several ferries a day from Harlingen Harbour at the Northwest coast of Friesland.

To Harlingen by car and parking, see: https://www.rederij-doeksen.nl/en/travelinformation

Harlingen town has a train station at walking distance to the ferry terminal. More information and timetables: https://www.ns.nl/en/travel-information

Info 2020: From the ferry terminal in Harlingen on September 27th there are normal speed ferries at 10 and 11.30 am (cost appr. 16 euros, duration 110 minutes) and a fast ferry at 12.45 pm (cost appr. 23 euros, duration 50 minutes). Return on October 1st you can choose normal speed ferry at 3.40 pm and 5.25 pm (cost appr. 14 euros, duration 110 minutes) and fast ferry at 4.15 pm (cost appr. 21 euros, duration 50 minutes). Please note that prices are if booked as return ticket. More information and bookings via: https://www.rederij-doeksen.nl/en/book-ticket/departures.

Arriving at the port of West-Terschelling, a local bus waits to take you 10 km further on the Island to the small town of Hoorn, from where it is a short walk to the Folkshegeskoalle.